Puppy Visits

Release Your Puppy’s Mid-Day Energy with Puppy Visits

Pet Mama understands how energetic puppies can be and we love it, but if you are not home, it can lead to boredom, destructiveness and indoor potty breaks. Puppies are a lot of work and require constant attention that some people cannot provide. Pet Mama is here to assist with helping your puppy adult.

If your puppy could use some extra attention while you are away at work, call Pet Mama Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Services today at 626.253.2851 to check our availability.

  •  30 minute visit $30

  • Legal holidays surcharge $10 

We Can Help Your Puppy Adult

Puppies require training and consistency to learn their new lifestyle. That is why we offer mid-day visits, overnight stays to provide socialization, reinforcement, feeding and playtime.


Pet Mama recommends that your puppy is checked on in the mid-morning and again in the mid-afternoon for the first 3 to 6 months.